Data Recovery – Rowlett Computer Services

This is really pretty straight forward. The most valuable thing on a system is the data. This is your photos, videos, spreadsheets, documents and the like.

Hardware can be replaced or repaired. Software (operating systems/applications) can be re-installed.  Your data is personally unique to you, your family or your business and a value can not be placed on this information.

Roughly ninety percent of the time when we see a catastrophic system failure, we have the ability to retain your data. That leaves ten percent. Of that ten percent, about eight to nine percent can be recovered using digital forensics. However, those services can be very expensive. So we always recommend having your data backed up in one if not two places.

Always remember, we can replace your current hardware all day long. Or, help you find a new system that fits your needs, but we cannot replace your business data or your precious memories