System Tune-up – Rowlett Computer Services

The analogy of a car is the best way to explain why your computer needs to be maintained and/or tuned up from time to time.

It has several mechanical and electronic (hardware) features inside along with what is called firmware which is hardware that can be altered with computer code. And then there is software which is defined as an operating system, word processors, browsers and the like.

When developers initially create hardware, firmware of software it goes through several stages of development. The developers then (most of the time) work on improving their products. Over the years with hardware becoming faster, larger (and smaller) depending on the system, such as desktop vs. laptop, developers no longer have to worry about what is defined as “neatness” of the code. This lack of code tidiness leads itself to updates which for lack of a better term are simply thrown on your system with little of no attempt at keeping everything tidy. This lack of “neatness” slows your system down.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your computer was built overseas with an initial operating system load installed. Then the system sat in a warehouse for a period of time before being shipped to the U.S., after that, it has to wait to clear customs before it can be transferred to a distribution point in the states. Then it may sit in that distribution facility for another period of time before it is shipped to what we call a big box store warehouse. Then it may sit in that stores warehouse before it is shipped to a local store, where once again it may sit for a period of time before you made the purchase. All that being said, when you purchase your new system, it may be as much as a year behind the software and firmware improvements that have been made.

There are several tools along with our experience which gives us the ability to keep your system up to date and running at it’s best capable speed. It is always a good idea to get a system tune-up about once a year to keep it running at it’s peak performance level. It is no different that changing the oil in your car from time to time. It also gives us the confidence to know that your system will actually perform faster than the day you made the purchase.